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  • Alan & Peg James
    Alan & Peg James

    Andy did a perfect job refinishing our bedroom dresser. We had bought it unfinished and finished it ourselves just before we were married more than 50 years ago. While that job lasted, the dresser needed an update in colour.


    Birch wood dresser before refinishing


    Birch wood dresser after refinishing


  • DeAnne

    I am thrilled with Andy’s work on my three mahogany antiques. I didn’t think it was possible to restore them to the beautiful pieces they are now. I bought them from an antique dealer in New York 30 years ago. Since that time, they have moved to several cities and apartments. They were in terrible shape and I was on the verge of giving them away.
    I was extremely impressed with Andy’s professionalism through the whole process: beginning with quoting the job, organizing the logistics, seeking my approval on color, to the final product. All three pieces look brand new. The color he recommended brings out the grain of the wood and they look refreshed.
    He also did a marvelous job repairing and fixing breaks and cracks – he even customized a spindle for the top of the secretary desk.
    I am very pleased. I highly recommend AM Furniture Finishing. I feel like my furniture was cared for in the hands of a true craftsman.
    Thank you again—very happy customer

    Mahogany Bed frame before repairing and refinishing
    Mahogany Bed frame before repairing and refinishing
    Mahogany Bed frame after repairing and refinishing
    Mahogany Bed frame after repairing and refinishing
    Mahogany Highboy before repairing and refinishing
    Mahogany Highboy before repairing and refinishing
    Mahogany Secretary desk before repairing and refinishing
    Mahogany Secretary desk before repairing and refinishing


  • Dietmar Foellmer

    I wish to acknowledge an excellent restoration job completed at AM Furniture Finishing on our 45 years old Teak Draw-leaf dining table, which was scratched up and badly water damaged.
    The results of their high quality workmanship were very impressive and the table looks brand new. The scratch marks and water damages have been
    removed beyond notice. I would highly recommend AM Furniture Finishing Ltd. as the quality of their furniture restoration has been excellent.

  • Alexandria Gray

    Andy, thanks for much for doing a beautiful job on my six chairs.Going from mahogany to a bleached grey oak colour was indeed a challenge but you certainly met it and the chairs look very lovely.
    I was most appreciative of your delivery as it made it very convenient for me. Thanks again.

  • James & Edna James

    Hello Andy, I wish to thank you for the fine work you did on our kitchen furniture. I have had many good comments from our friends. Keep up the good work….

  • Cathy Miehm

    We have a burl walnut dining table and hutch – along with four chairs – that was acquired many years ago at auction. When we decided to renovate and redecorate, we wanted this refinished set to be a centrepiece of our home. Given that the veneer had been water damaged in places and had some cracks, we weren’t sure what, if anything was possible in terms of restoration. Andy took the time with us to explain what could be done, and pointed out some features that we hadn’t noticed ourselves. He left us feeling optimistic – and confident that he was the man for the job.
    We are amazed when the furniture was delivered to us – the workmanships is outstanding. It looks brand new! The pride that he takes in his
    work is obvious. Thank you Andy for a job well done!

  • Michael Gatey

    Just wanted to say what an incredibly beautiful job you did on our rocking chair. Just wanted to say what an incredibly beautiful job you did on our rocking chair. It’s always been a favourite in our family but now it looks a billion times better than it did before. Thank you so much. You do great work.


  • Elaine Howell

    I chose AM Furniture Finishing to refinish a pine cabinet. The cabinet had a custom painted exterior, green with trim of red and blue. Retaining the cabinet was important, and giving it new life a priority. I chose AM Furniture Finishing to refinish a pine cabinet. The cabinet had a custom painted exterior, green with trim of red and blue.
    Retaining the cabinet was important, and giving it new life a priority. AM owner Andy was a delight to work with every step of the way;
    he quickly grasped my expectation, which is not an easy leap from a photo and a small shop sample. Pick-up and delivery were professional and punctual.
    His advice to refinish shelves and interior to match was brilliant. When I saw the cabinet for the first time, two words came to mind: “WOW” and
    “transformation”. My husband and I feel the result is superior to the original, and it will be a beautiful addition to our new home.
    I recommend AM Furniture Finishing without hesitation.

  • Myrna M.

    Hello Andy,
    Thank you very much for the excellent work you & your upholsterer have done in rebuilding, restoring refinishing and re-upholstering the two wing chairs we brought you.You have completed them to bring those two differently sized and shaped wing chairs to match each other identically! No small feat!
    Thank you for this! They are now the most beautiful focal-pieces of the room they grace! They make the whole room warm and welcoming
    as well as astonishingly beautiful. We are most appreciative of your caring and highly skilled talent. We highly recommend your company!

  • Nina Wadhams

    I was most pleased with your workmanship, professionalism and honesty shown to me regarding the refinishing of my antique tea cart. You were upfront with me concerning the cost, amount of time that you would require to complete the work and even invited me down to the shop to see about your suggested stain colour and sheen for the project. I have gladly passed your name out to others that are looking for somewhere to take their cherished furniture for restoration, and I too, have additional pieces that will benefit from your skills, care
    and attention. Thanks again Andy!

  • Victoria Blinkhorn

    Dear Andy, thank you for the lovely job you and your wife did on my ancient table! It looks amazing. The new stain just proves that you can update antiques while preserving the character of the piece. This is an A1 job.
    Well done. Thanks again.

  • Juan Pereira

    We own a contemporary and exclusive chair that required having an upholstering job and we managed to find a really nice fabric to do so. Both the chair and the fabric were special design pieces and we were lucky finding the right person to do the job. Simple Design demanded a particular mode to approach the way things needed to be done; Andy showed a professional input providing a good quality work by replacing the fabric and revitalizing the chair structure until getting our full satisfaction. Although it took a little longer than estimated, we managed to get a nice product for a fair price.
    Thanks again.

  • Brian Bjarnason

    In the 20’s my father bought a small weekly Manitoba newspaper. Part of the furnishings was a Rolltop desk, where he did all his writing on an Underwood manual typewriter. When I was 13 they sold up and moved to Vancouver. In the 20’s my father bought a small weekly Manitoba newspaper. Part of the furnishings was a Rolltop desk, where he did all his writing on an Underwood manual typewriter. When I was 13 they sold up and moved to Vancouver.
    Forty years later I started returning for reunions, municipality anniversaries, etc. Each time I dropped in to see the current editor,
    the son of the fellow who purchased the paper from my father. Over the years the desk moved further back in the shop, two years ago being
    relegated to dead storage in a dark corner. This spring I contacted Gary, he agreed to let me have it for a small price and put me in
    touch with a fellow who could crate it up and send it off to Vancouver.
    When the crate was taken apart outside Andy’s shop it became apparent that it was literally falling apart, but having come this far
    I asked him to have a go at it. A couple of months later he called me and asked me to come to the shop. It was mostly rebuilt and he was
    coming up to the refinishing; how did I want to proceed? I now have a beautifully refinished desk with a smoothly operating Rolltop.
    But the best part is that on the main working surface he saved all the imperfections – ink stains, marks from the typewriter feet,
    scratches and the many cigarette burns where Dad put down his cigarette and then forgot it, etc. Memories of my father along with his big
    old desk.
    Andy looked for a label, a date, anything that would indicate when or where it was made. Nothing came up. His best guess is somewhere
    around 1910 to 1920.
    Thank you for a beautiful piece of furniture and the memories that go along with it.

  • Nicolas Parker

    An oak armoire and a chest of drawers that belonged to my mother when she was a child had sentimental value, but were pretty battered after years of use and a couple of amateur refinishing jobs. Andy did a great job of stripping and re finishing both pieces. The cream paint slapped onto the chest had soaked into the wood and thus precluded a return to its original finish. Andy was able to find a paint that matched the natural finish of the armoire so the
    pieces still match well. Thanks to Andy, the professionally re-vitalized family heirloom is now in my grand daughter’s bedroom still
    providing good service after nearly 100 years.

  • Lisa Munro

    I absolutely love the work that Andy and AM Furniture Finishing did for me. I took in a chair in pieces and it came back to me refinished, put back together and beautifully re-upholstered.
    Andy is very knowledgeable and knew exactly what would be needed to do the work. The workmanship is wonderful.
    The chair holds sentimental value for me and Andy was respectful of that.
    I will be bringing in another piece for Andy to refinish soon!

  • John Robinson

    Andy is to be congratulated for the outstanding work he does. I have just received my refinished rosewood dining room table which must have been a huge endeavour. It was a terrible mess and not only has Andy restored it to what it looked like when I bought it 30 years ago but has, if anything, made it look better.
    The subtlety of the grain and the restoration of the original shadings are remarkable. On top of this he was able to transform the base
    from an uninspiring dark brown to a perfect match for the table’s top.
    I would strongly recommend Andy to anyone who wants to have careful and extremely skillful work done in restoring furniture. He is very
    talented and clearly has a love for the work he does and great respect for the pieces he works on. The timelines he gave me for work on
    my table were respected and the costs did not escalate. Dealing with Andy was a pleasure. All in all this was a very successful operation
    and one for which I am very grateful to him.

  • Jim McGettigan

    Just a note to thank you again for the great job you did on my guitar. I know it was in bad shape when you got it. As you know I bought it at an antique shop and someone had painted it (black) with house paint….
    You said it would take a lot of work to get the old paint off and your work was superb. The paint job was excellent – it now looks like the original Fender guitar as it was in 1979. This guitar is 1979 vintage and a guitar dealer told me that the value of the guitar has increased enormously in value, thanks to you. I really enjoy playing this “new/old” guitar since you helped to restore it to its original condition.
    Thanks, Andy, for your wonderful work.

  • Dot Toombs

    The antique tables look wonderful. I have had wonderful comment on them. The repairs you did were amazing. I am very proud to have my grandparents furniture in our home…..
    The antique tables look wonderful. I have had wonderful comment on them. The repairs you did were amazing.
    I am very proud to have my grandparents furniture in our home. I am sure that my family will use these table for at least another
    100 years. Thank you once again

  • J.M. Leduc

    Andy and his team (carpenter and upholsterer) did a wonderful job restoring my 1860’s serpentine settee. Before restoration it had a broken leg and was in such poor condition that another restorer recommended sending it to the landfill.
    When it was returned to me I was delighted to see that it had been transformed into a showpiece. The craftsmanship was excellent
    from the carpentry to the fine wood polishing to the lovely but comfortable upholstery. The business side of the contract was handled
    very professionally and I was pleased that the piece was finished in a remarkably timely fashion

  • Bernice Thill

    Just a note to thank you for restoring two of my treasured furniture pieces to their original beauty. The work you performed was absolutely phenomenal! As you will recall, the first item was a dining room table with a burled wood top that had been damaged by a water stain, and I was nearly sick when I discovered what had happened to it…..
    The second piece was a bedside table that had been injured by movers who had managed to put a deep gouge in it and break some of the delicate veneer. In both instances, the damage was considerable, and I honestly didn’t think there was going to be very much that could be done. However… then I met you! Both times, the work you did was exceptional.
    When you delivered each one of the pieces back to me, I genuinely couldn’t tell where the damage had been ! I would not hesitate to recommend your service to anyone or contact you in the future should I ever need to: not only are you professional and accommodating, as far as your repairing techniques are concerned, you can perform miracles.
    Thank you again so very much, Andy. I wish you every continued success in your future endeavours

  • A Chapman & Family

    When we first began to look into restoring our Vilas Maple dining room chairs, we were fortunate to find Andy’s company after discovering that not all restoration companies were up to the challenge of our request. Our chairs needed considerable care and attention after 35 years of family use. My children and I are extremely impressed with Andy’s like new workmanship. We also entrusted my son-in-law’s treasured antique chair to
    his expertise. This also required a lot of work, but now looks absolutely amazing. He is extremely impressed with how it looks now.
    We will be giving Andy our repeat business later on for other furniture pieces we own, that require a lot of help to bring them back to
    the wonderful pieces they once were. We know that he will do wonders with them as well.
    We have no hesitancy in recommending AM Furniture Finishing Ltd. and Andy, to anyone seeking restoration services for their prized wood


  • Lori Friesen

    I love my new furniture! Actually it’s not new – it’s better than new. I have the benefit of the classic craftsmanship of my parent’s bedroom suite plus the added bonus of excellent refinishing work by AM Furniture Finishing. I was able to honour my parent’s tradition and heritage while at the same time updating the look to fit into a modern home. The bedroom suite went from a shade of honey-wheat to a dramatic rich mahogany with red undertones for a totally new look. I know this project took a lot of work because I started it myself and soon discovered I had neither the skills, tools nor the patience to see
    the project through to the end. After I handed the project over this was reaffirmed as the headboard had to be deconstructed in order to
    get into all the nooks and crannies. And get into them all, AM Furniture Finishing did. They paid such great attention to detail, guests
    will never see some of the surfaces that were transformed from wheat to mahogany.
    Even I don’t often go into some of the places where the new look can be found. But a thorough job was done and the transformation
    is complete. Even the pick-up and delivery service was high-class and professional, complete with red carpet. They were prompt and
    efficient and provided a good beginning and a satisfactory ending to the project. I am completely satisfied with the work done by
    AM Furniture Finishing and would gladly recommend them to future customers.

  • Brenda Bojsa

    I recently took a walnut end table to Andy at AM Furniture Finishing to be stripped and refinished. The table looks like new – he did a beautiful job. The colour match to my other furniture is excellent and he was true to his word and delivered the finished product on time.
    I will definitely go back when I need something else refinished.

  • Jessie Sekhon

    Thank you Andy, the service and quality of the work done on my furniture was excellent. Everything was done on time and exactly the way I wanted it.

  • Elsie Body

    I found Andy to be very helpful when I went to him with initial interest in restoring my grandmother’s antique Armoire. He was very personable and more than understanding about the importance of the piece to our family and how much it meant that it be done right. After arranging to see the piece he was more than enthusiastic to start on it, however he first insisted that we come down to his shop to look at his other items before we proceeded.
    His work was exquisite and professionally done. Our piece was done in a timely and efficient manner and looked brand new when it was finished. My grandmother and I were very happy that
    we decided to work with him and would recommend him to anyone.
    Again, thank you for bringing a classic piece back to life and helping my grandmother appreciate her memories of our original farm house.

  • Mark Layton

    Recently we had the pleasure of meeting Andy Sahadeo. We wanted to refinish an existing curio cabinet stained light oak with a creamy glaze on top to a dark oak stain to match some new furniture. The piece to be worked on was heavily reeded so there were lots of “nooks and crannies” to get into. We are delighted with the results! Not only did Andy manage to match the new stain
    perfectly to the new furniture but he was also able to get rid of any trace of the creamy glaze, something we were concerned could detract from the finished product. The new colour required Andy to hand make new stops holding the glass front and sides inside the cabinet. This too was done with care and precision. In addition, the work was completed on time and for the cost we were quoted. We are happy to recommend Andy and will certainly use his services again when the need arises…

  • Leonard Dodd

    Dear Andy,
    I would like to thank you for the fine job you did refinishing our Dining Room suite (drop- leaf table and six chairs). Both my wife and I are very pleased with the result, which came in on both budget and on time. This is an old furniture set, originally from New York, and has suffered many dents and bruises throughout several moves and some lengthy periods of storage. Indeed, we had already
    re-finished the furniture once -30 years ago- and were uncertain whether it was worth the money to bring it back from its old, tired state. It was! The suite looks as though it was  new and, as you said it would, it is much more heat- and -scratch resistant than it was previously.
    So thanks! I will recommend you to my friends as a craftsman as good as his word!


  • Andrea Barkman

    My father had given me a mahogany china cabinet circa 1910. My husband’s company shipped it out from Manitoba to Vancouver without incident. The cartage company that transported it from Burnaby to our home in Abbotsford could not do the same. My china cabinet arrived at my home with the back leg completely off & a stress fracture on the front leg (there were splinters sticking out). I was horrified.  What made it worse is that I knew of no one that could fix it.

    For the longest time it sat in my living room being supported a crock and books. After much research-asking around & internet- I found Andy’s web site. I surfed every part of his web site, looking at every pages of the before and after shots and the testimonials. Impressed with what I saw, I placed a call to him to discuss my problem. I was impressed with his honesty and brought the cabinet in. After discussing the options & asking a few more questions we decided not only to get the piece fixed but to refinish it as well. The elements of age had taken its toll on some of the parts. Even after making the decision I still hoped I had made the right choice. I was a little shocked at the quote but I was comparing it to what other’s had paid to get furniture restored.
    When we pick up the china cabinet we were speechless at what we were looking at. It was beautiful and flawless. It was better than what I pictured and all my doubt went out the window. The finish Andy chose allowed the natural wood grain to come out. Even a trained eye cannot tell where the damage was done. The front and back legs you see nothing but the wood grain. He also repaired a couple of spots where the wood had been chipped off on the molding and on the top edge. The cabinet is as sturdy as a brand new piece of furniture.
    We are so impressed with the workmanship we see in the finished product. I emailed the before and after pictures to my mother and father. They couldn’t believe it. They are tough people to please, so when they are impressed with what they see you know it’s a job well done. I can’t say enough how beautiful and flawless this piece is.
    My friends & family have commented on how beautiful it looks. It’s a conversational piece whenever we get company. And of course it looks more beautiful with my depression glass in it.
    I would recommend Andy to anyone who cares about the quality, time, and effort put into a project. He puts as much care into something as if it were his own. We got what we paid for and that’s a
    good thing. I couldn’t be more impressed or happy with the decision I made. Andy, many people know how happy I am with your workmanship. Even those that don’t have any furniture that needs refinishing.
    Thank you….

  • Bev Squires
    Bev Squires

    Andy we would like to thank you for the wonderful job you did on refinishing my Mother-In-Laws 75 year old cedar chest….
    Andy we would like to thank you for the wonderful job you did on refinishing my Mother-In-Laws 75 year old cedar chest. It had many scratches, water stains and cigarette burns. It now looks like new.
    I have told our friends about the great work you do.

  • Keith Shearer

    Dear Andy,
    We are thrilled with the quality and look of the furniture you did for us. Who would have thought that something rescued from my mother’s generation could look so amazingly modern!

    The Maple tables look incredible in the black stain and you transformed that scratched old coffee table into an almost glass top finish!
    Yet another reason to always keep solid wood furniture and hand it over to a master like you for new life. These will be the show pieces in our new living room, Thank you again.


  • Sandra & Chuck Howes

    Andy, thank you very much for the beautiful job you did in refinishing our World War I propeller, which was brought over from England by my grandfather and has been in storage for the last 20 years.
    We didn’t know what was under all the paint and scratches until we saw your completed work and we couldn’t be more pleased with the result. Not only was the service prompt, the price was good too!!
    We are busy looking for other items we can have refinished!

  • Bommy Godrej
    Bommy Godrej

    Hi Andy, this is to let you know that you have done a fantastic job of a Custom Glaze finish on our new Rosewood furniture.
    You are truly a master of your craft and we are very pleased with the furniture, of which you took so much pain to finish for us. You actually spent a
    lot of time trying to get the correct color that my wife, Roda wanted. There aren’t too many people who would do that. So, both Roda and I wish to thank
    you for the work you did and we would highly recommend you to anyone who wants to get the best refinishing done. All the best to you.

    Unfinished Night Table
    Unfinished Night Table
    After The Finishing Process
    After The Finishing Process
    Unfinished Bed Frame
    Unfinished Bed Frame
    After The Finishing Process bedframe
    After The Finishing Process bedframe
    Unfinished Armoire
    Unfinished Armoire
    After The Finishing Process 1
    After The Finishing Process 1
  • Kristen Gribble
    Kristen Gribble

    Andy has refinished two pieces of furniture that I have had for years and didn’t want to part with. They were in need of a “makeover” and Andy did a fantastic job of making them seem like completely new & different pieces.

    I am so very pleased with the refinishing of a pine armoire that Andy did in a country black finish that I am thinking of having other pieces done in the same finish.
    Andy is professional and very accommodating. The quality of workmanship is excellent as is the prompt service. I would not hesitate to recommend Andy to everyone.

    Armoire before
    Armoire before
    Armoire after
    Armoire after
  • Irene Pietro
    Irene Pietro

    Andy repaired and refinished the table, which now is a very nice piece of furniture in my home. Andy did a very fine job.

    Table before
    Table before
    Table after
    Table after






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