Guaranteed Quality and Workmanship
Our services include Stripping and Refinishing, Furniture Repairs, Custom Finishes, Specialty Coatings, Upholstery, Custom Furniture, Piano Refinishing, Pick Up and Delivery.
Repairs and Refinishing
Genuine craftsmanship never employs a “Short-Cut Method”. 
We know furniture inside and out, because we’re working with it every day. We know our woods too, and how different woods must be repaired and refinished differently. From fragile French Polish to the latest coatings and stains, and from matte to high gloss finishes, we give our customers exactly what they expect.
When you bring your furniture in, and tell us what you want to achieve, we already have a very good concept of what the piece will look like before it’s been refurbished. We know how to create a brand new look, or an “aged” appearance. By combining artistic skills with technical expertise, you’re assured of getting a beautifully finished piece of furniture.
Another key indicator of AM Furniture Finishing’s first quality work is our choice of products. We only use the finest pre-catalyzed and post-catalyzed lacquers on the market. These products offer unrivaled protection and durability, and will not crack or fall off. We do recommend, however, that you use either placemats or coasters on tabletops and countertops.
For restoring and refinishing most furniture pieces, wood stripping is an essential first step.
AM Furniture Finishing never, never cuts corners by merely trying to “touch up” a piece with a new coat over an existing coating. We leave those “low ball” techniques to finishers that aren’t concerned about quality, or their customers.
Custom Furniture and Custom Furniture Finishes
Create your own authentic look with a customized finish.
Some people demand more than mass-made furniture and finishes. We regularly have people call us, or come in with a unique sample finish, and ask us if we can recreate it. And we always say, “Yes, we can”.
We’re so confident about our abilities to reproduce custom finishes, we’ll prove it to you first – with our own matching sample. Whether it’s a glaze, stain or paint colour, we’ll experiment until we achieve exactly what you’re looking for.
“If you can imagine it, we can create something special.”
We have produced customized furniture in a range of designs and woods: chairs, tables, bedroom and dining room suites, credenzas, and many special pieces. If you’d like a customized cabinet for your TV, stereo and DVD player, we’ll take it from concept to completion. We’ll start with a pictorial sketch to ensure it’s precisely what you had in mind. Then we’ll get the proper dimensions, and decide on the wood, styling and other details.
specialty coatingicon
Specialty Coatings
Specialty coatings and finishes that make a lasting impression.
With the profusion of TV, radio and magazine coverage of home interior design and remodeling, it’s no surprise people are becoming more adventurous with their furnishings.
One of the more popular specialty finishes is guilding. Gold, silver or copper leaf guilding can really enrich an antique, or make a lasting impression on a carved piece of furniture.
AM Furniture Finishing can also professionally create the following specialty finishes: 
Marbleizing – Create a luxurious marble appearance on wood 
Crackling – Using layers of paints, we can create a rustic charm to woods 
Faux finishes – We know the techniques to create dazzling false finishes (including marbleizing, crackling, guilding and more) 
Custom Colour Matching – We can achieve an exact colour match from your furniture or other sources. 
Gilding – Gilding is done to enhance the details on a piece of furniture, mostly on antiques and antique reproductions. In some cases, it is also done over the full surface of the furniture.
Our crew of upholsterers are very highly trained. From simple to high end upholstery, we do it all.
Pick Up and Delivery
Ensure your furniture is delivered safely.
We offer pick up and delivery services from anywhere within the Provice of British Columbia.
Our delivery company is fully licensed and insured. Your furniture is fully padded and moved in a professional manner and are placed in the locations that you designate.
If uninstallation and reinstallation are required, we take care of that too.
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