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Old World Craftsmanship in Modern Times. Unparalleled superior work at reasonable prices. Dedicated and personalized service. Use of the premier quality products: woods, upholstery, and finishes. Our exceedingly high standards ensures your satisfaction.

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Helping you make the right decisions about your furniture
Many people who want to restore or refurbish a particular piece or set, whether modern or antique, really don’t have a good idea about the furniture’s true value.
What may look like a genuine antique may just be an older piece that merely appears to have old-world charm and significance. And what looks like very expensive modern furniture may just
incorporate a glossy veneer, with cheap particleboard beneath it.


We can

Restore & Refinish

What may appear to be a dilapidated, worn-out chair or table may actually have important antique qualities.

If you want to restore or refinish a piece of furniture, but you’re not sure if it’s of good quality, we can help. We do know quality furniture when we examine it.

Generally speaking, older furniture has greater value, simply because of the wood quality and craftsmanship. It’s no secret a significant volume of modern furniture

is made, at least in part, with particleboard, cardboard or some other wood substitute. Of course, that doesn’t hold true for high-end furniture manufacturers.

Is your furniture worth restoring or not? You will ultimately have to make that decision, but at least you’ll be better informed about its quality. However, if we’re talking about family heirlooms or furniture with sentimental value, you might well decide it is going to be refurbished, regardless of monetary value.


We offer the very best

Furniture Finishing

At AM Furniture Finishing, we strive to provide to our customers, the very best in furniture finishing. We use the best products available for maximum durability and to achieve the highest quality finish.

To receive a free* estimate for your refinishing needs, you could bring the items in to our workshop OR you could email pictures of each items to us at  andy@amfurniturefinishing.com with a description, sizes, wood type, and how you would like the furniture to be after refinishing.

*Please note that there is a charge for an in-home estimate. If we are hired, this charge will be credited. The estimate charge will be determined based on your location.

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