First-hand experience that cannot be taught in any classroom.

Before launching his own business, company president Andy Sahadeo worked for 10 years with a prestigious furniture manufacturer. Starting on the production line, Andy worked his way up to shop foreman in charge of production.

His first-hand experience working with high-end furniture provided invaluable skills and knowledge that simply couldn’t be taught in a classroom, or anywhere else.

Several of Andy’s key people, including his wood-carver and repair specialist, also worked for many years with this world-renowned manufacturer, located in Vancouver, B.C.

With such a substantial background of talent in furniture manufacturing, AM Furniture Furnishing has also branched out into custom design pieces.

Perhaps the highest compliment of professional achievement and superb craftsmanship comes from other people in the industry, like interior designers. AM Furniture Finishing regularly works with such professionals, who recognize the genuine value and excellent service they’ve received over the years.